These LinkedIn users are exploiting your personal contact data

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LinkedIn is a great network for professionals. Whether you are looking for a job, looking for a particular person in an organization or want to gain knowledge about a particular topic related to business, you will find everything over there.

So far, there are almost negligible people who are posting stupid things on this network. Its highly authentic information, particularity of the information being shared and the positioning of the overall platform has helped the ‘network for professionals’ build its credibility all across the globe.

With some new features being introduced recently, like articles (where you can publish and create a catalogue of all your articles and posts) has become a great success. Everyone is trying to become a subject matter expert by sharing the info they know in their respective field.

However, there are some people who are not happy with LinkedIn making a Facebook lookalike status feed. They are also getting adapted to the change with time.

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Nevertheless, the platform as compared to its earlier interface, has become much more engaging and a lot more people are spending time on LinkedIn. You won’t find only job seekers and job posters being active on LinkedIn anymore.

Do you remember those days on Facebook, when there were posts like ‘share this post with your 10 other friends or else bad luck will follow you’ or comment on this picture of lord blah blew bleh blah…

Imagine a professional touch given to such post. How’d it sound like..

No.!No.! You are on a wrong train of thoughts. Let me bring you back and explain what I am trying to say!

I have come across two such scams that have costed a lot of professionals leakage of their personal data. And guess what, they themselves willingly gave it.

Scam number 1:

“I am creating a group on Whatsapp exclusively for digital marketing professional, please share your contact number in the comment so we can have a better network and help each other out with current digital marketing trends.”

You will find similar such messages circulating for different roles like HR, Marketing, CAs etc. etc.

Don’t trust that! The poster will collect all your cell numbers and either he will sell it to some agency who is in the business of data or will use it for his own business purposes. But that purpose will hardly be met and you will fall prey to this tactic and end up shouting your phone number to the whole world.

Scam number 2:

“I came across a brilliant strategy. I achieved 1 million visitors on my website with this simple method that anyone can implement easily. No technical knowledge of SEO, keyword optimization etc is required. Share your mail id in the comment and I will send you a detailed report on how I did it.”

Again, this message will be modified accordingly for the type of professional data he is trying to gather and will sound so lucrative.

Don’t fall prey to this bullshit. If he actually has such strategy in place, what is stopping him to directly share it on LinkedIn. The network supports both long form and short form content and all type of content. Why does he need the e-mail id to share that with us.

He need that so he can use that  data for his own purpose. He may want to increase subscriber base to his blog/website.

This total fraud may also take your database to the market and selling it. You will end up with a cluttered mail box wondering how did you become so famous all of a sudden!

Before you fall prey to such cheap tactics, think twice and use proper reasoning of alternative yet easier method to get that same job done. Then ‘thoo’ such scammers on their face and tell them to run away.

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