Voracious surfer- A hobby that was internet surfing

There used to be a term which we used rapidly back in those Orkut days when internet became accessible to most of the people, ‘Surfing the internet’. Don’t remember when was the last time I heard someone saying ‘I am surfing the internet, wassup with you?’ However, that is what everybody is doing mostly these days.

It simply means undirected way of web browsing where user follows one interesting link to another. I guess StumbleUpon went too deep into the basics and designed a platform where with the help of one click you land upon different interesting websites. Special credits to Wikipedia too for having internal links in their content. I guess that is still the biggest hub for the information on internet. Nobody is really sure how many total number of bloggers are there in the world but I am confident they collectively bring out much more content then Wikipedia.

Earlier, if anyone spoke of the word ‘Content’, we imagined written info. Well, Dictionary.com still defines content as the subjects or topics covered in a book or document. But now, if someone spends more time on internet than television will understand the term web-series. Basically, it is a TV series released on internet. TVF pioneered it in India and produced fabulous Content for people to ponder over. Then came various other YouTube channels. Thus, I feel the current definition should be any information/topics/material which you can listen/hear/read/see/watch is content. Also, we consume the content now.

It is the era of digital marketing now. Besides, brands allocating budgets for their ATL(Above the line) and BTL(Below the line) activities, they allocate a handsome chunk for digital marketing too. It comprises of plethora of things of which major chunk is consumed by Google and its varied products then display advertisements and finally remaining after for social media. But within, digital it is the era of content marketing and thus social media has picked up its pace but not in the form of display advertisements which appears on the side of your Facebook wall but in the form of content. Those tweets, Facebook check-ins and updates and weaving the brand into it by producing ‘UGC’. Well, other fancy term which means User Generated Content which means information produced by users.

And then, everybody started shouting content is the king, so produce more content because your SEO, your Internet persona, your brand, everything is defined by the content you produce. Then you wonder why should I spend so much money on content marketing, ‘Let me test the waters’, ‘It is not giving me any leads’, ‘Nobody is coming to my website after they consume the content’, Well, isn’t that the reason for having content available at other places so they don’t have to come to your website until unless they are cynical about the validity of that. Content marketing does not work the traditional way in which you get to see the results pronto. You need to nurture the readers community by providing them with constant updates about what is happening. This takes time. So, next time rather receiving the notification about you, they will be searching internet to know more about you.

But the hunger for consuming content online keeps on increasing with changed terminologies.

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