5 questions commonly faced by brands while planning their influencer marketing campaigns

Blogging campaigns as some fondly call it ‘influencer’ campaigns have become an integral part of your overall presence on digital channel as well as traditional channel. Other advertisement mediums today have just become a source of enabling brand reach to the consumers as opposed to expecting conversions out of it. Today’s tech savvy consumer always does his research by reading various blog posts(reviews) before buying that product. He relies more on believing third party sources rather than what the brand website itself has to say about their product. Therefore, any marketing campaign is incomplete without having the involvement of bloggers or user generated content in it.

However, before stepping into this medium, which is totally new for many, they end up asking the same questions and making the same mistakes to leverage the best of this platform. But the answer to them remains the same. I have put five of such common questions in this version to help you understand the medium better. Do check out this post to understand common issues while working with bloggers.

What is the Impact on the website ?

You will be able to see the impact on the website after few iterations. Based on the number of bloggers you work with, you will have that many legit sources strengthening your website by providing back links and mentions in their post. You will have an improved SEO and better Alexa rank eventually because of this. They will be permanent real estates adding value to your website. Another benefit that you will see is the traffic to your website from potential buyers/customers.

What Key words that we need to add in the blog post ?

If we take this route, we will make this campaign completely SEO driven as opposed to establishing a brand connect with the readers. It is important to focus on bringing the relevant stories for the readers, via which they can engage and feel associated with the brand and its ideology.

What is Gender/ State Breakup of the bloggers ?

In an online medium, it doesn’t really help you evaluate the performance as the readers are more interested in their platform. Of course, there are categories which are specific to gender. But if you look at it the other way round and put yourself in the shoes of a blogger, would you participate in something which is irrelevant for you, of which you do not have the expertise and hence cannot give the right guidance to your followers. You will not, right?

Also, since the content is accessible from anywhere, the city from which the blogger belongs to doesn’t really impact until we are looking for a specific blogger whose followers are from a specific city which we want to target. A blogger can be sitting in Mumbai and writing about Delhi.

How do I calculate ROI on such blogger activations ?

Well, there are various ways of calculating the ROI. Some will calculate by doing a lot of data crunching while some by observing the conversation about them in the market. I have tried to summarize the various outcomes of working with bloggers regularly.

1. Reach/Readership

2. Quality of content

3. Brand recall

4. Buzz in the community

5. Brand advocacy

6. Word of mouth

7. SEO

How do we control what bloggers has to say about the product ?

Well there are certain things which looks beautiful when they are left free. And when you try to control them, Their purity gets affected. Blogging is one of them. Who are bloggers? They are you and I who just have a lot of voice than us. They are a trusted source where you will certainly find an honest opinion about a particular subject. And if that trust associates a price with itself, it loses its value. On the other side, one should never try to control honest opinion, rather learn from it and improve.

Blogging campaigns help you create brand personality. It introduces you as a thought leader in a specific category. Sharing industry specific info help gain more trust as opposed to talking too much about the brand via direct marketing. It helps you create a highly vocal community around your brand which is self sustaining and organic. It is a medium of which you might not be able to see the result instantaneously. It is like nurturing a plant which will produce a lot of apples when it will become a tree. Check out this post to understand the various ways of engaging with bloggers for your brand.