5 Common issues faced by the brands while executing influencer marketing campaigns

Blogging/Bloggers have become crucial part of any marketing drive. The reason is simple, promotions are fine but we want general public to talk about it, otherwise what is the point of promotions. And general public won’t talk about it until someone amongst them initiates. What is better than inviting those who runs opinion for many or should I say influence the conversations among their groups. But because of some underlying issues marketers are unable to leverage their influence to its full potential.

Well of course, the platform is new so everybody is going by trial n error and trying to figure out what works best for them and side by side helping the platform to become stable for marketing. But just like marketers it becomes important for bloggers as well to give up their casual attitude towards the power they hold and start utilizing it for the betterment of society, well that is the only way I can see for the bloggers to survive in market in the long run. Because today’s internet savvy audience is intelligent enough to differentiate between a sponsored post and an actual user generated content. Sharing 5 of those common issues faced by the brands which bloggers should take care of:

Deleting posts: Many bloggers participate in an activity write about it, get paid and after a month or so, they delete that post. Well, there can be several reasons for that, that blogger participated in something that was not relevant for his audience, or there was a good deal of money involved, or he had no projects at that point of time, in any of the cases its not just the brand which is getting affected but even that blogger’s followers are also losing interest, they are slowly losing their credibility among their audience. Also, I don’t see how deleting post is going to make everything right as the deed is already done. “Can’t take a fired bullet back in cylinder”.

Showing up late for meetings: This is the most common issue I have heard from the brand heads, that bloggers do not take their brand seriously. Well, I guess everybody understands how the entire company is dependent on the brand value in today’s world, if the brand goes down the company goes down with it. If the company is giving bloggers the due respect, then it becomes their responsibility to represent their brand and understand and take care of it like their own. Otherwise, they can choose not to be a part of it.

Accepting projects that aren’t meant for them: There is a common phrase for such bloggers which is ‘contest junkies’. These kind of bloggers develop some sort of traffic on their blog and go full force selling it, they take part in a project only for the freebies and the involvement of money. Such bloggers need to be identified by either working with a trusted source who doesn’t let such bloggers in the community or going thoroughly through their posts to understand what do they usually write about and how many of them are sponsored posts.

Promoting but not Advocating: Some bloggers participate and write for a brand but then they either try to make the entire post politically correct or they equivocate so it doesn’t look like the blogger is endorsing the brand. All it is trying to do is take the message of ‘Hey, check there is a new product/service in the market’ This advertisement can be done via other medium also. Why a brand is coming to a particular blogger is to get his opinion shared so his/her influence can be leveraged and capitalized upon.

Not understanding the brand: A blogger is not just a blogger when he choose to work with a specific brand. A bloggers becomes its brand ambassador. It becomes vital for him to understand the history of brand, its core value and vision so he can do justice to its present. Otherwise, by just plainly receiving a brief and writing something creative around it is not going to help a brand propel. For a brand too, it becomes their responsibility to give them a deeper sense of the organization so they can do justice and bring that emotional connect in their post.

We cannot deny the fact that the medium is new for marketing and hence everybody is trying to learn and use it to the best of their knowledge. Having said that, with more and more of errors and mistakes, more learning and maturity will be gained and thus more meaningful content will be produced for readers on which they can rely. Until then, we need to stay updated and keep our pace with the entire industry.