Bloggers/Influencers: Best engagement method in limited budgets


There is no point emphasizing how crucial engaging bloggers/influencers is for marketing a brand/product. Even though such engagements are being practiced for a very long time, still many do not know how to engage with bloggers for a successful marketing activity. Everybody is in dilemma of whether their campaign is performing up to the mark or not. Since, there is not enough transparency and measurement methods to comment on the ROI of such engagements, a brand has to rely on reach numbers to find some peace in his mind.

I’d suggest that reach should be the least way of judging the performance of a campaign. The quality and how informative a post is, matters a lot. However, it is not enough, that content needs to be discoverable. Thus, it is like solving the entire spectrum of content marketing by making sure the availability of required information and sending across that information when and by whom it is required.

Right now, most of the companies are trying to test the waters by investing very little into this medium. You may expect return in some cases if you plan that budget very carefully. But if you do not get return in your first attempt, doesn’t mean that this medium is not for you. You need to do more intensive research to figure what exactly would work for you.

That research can be about:

  1. Finding different set of bloggers or different genre of bloggers
  2. Trying bigger budgets
  3. What went wrong in the previous campaign
  4. What is the measurement method, KPIs
  5. Were the expectations clear while doing the activity

Right now, hit and trial is what remains the method of figuring which option is working out the best for you. Before you could do hit and trial, you need to read this to know what are the different ways of working with influencers. This article will help you understand that on what level you can engage bloggers and influences and for what different purposes.

In this post, we are describing how with a very less budget you can run successful blogger engagement which would give you conversions.

Identifying the bloggers: This is a very important yet difficult step of the entire process. Finding the right bloggers with whom you will implement your blog marketing plan. There are various ways of doing it. You can left a message on your website and social handles that you are welcoming the bloggers who are loyalists to your brand/product for a collaborative effort.

The other way would be that you can search for bloggers via google, or reach out to directories and communities to help you with the same (of course you will have to pay them for their consultancy and easing your headache) .

Once you identify, it is important that the bloggers efforts will be acknowledged from time to time.

Acknowledgment for their association: Depending upon your needs and requirements, you will select the bloggers from the available lot. But before you move forward to the selection process, all the bloggers need to be dealt with properly so that their emotions doesn’t get hurt and they keep their association and love for the brand intact as you may not end up choosing all of them. Based on your budgets, there are two ways of selecting the bloggers. If you have budgets to get popular bloggers on board, then most of the work can be solved by just paying them their fee as they themselves are well aware of rest of the things. These bloggers just need a proper set of deliverables that you expect, rest they are capable of handling.

In case you do not have sufficient budgets, you need to find bloggers(loyalists) who are publishing great content but are less popular. You can give them the brief and the liberty of publishing the content their way. Now, you need to bring your SEO team forward to help his post get more followers. You need to plan out your social media promotions for that post properly. In this way, you can establish a great connect with the blogger, by not just paying him for his services but also helping him learn and grow.

Identifying brand ambassadors: Next step is to identify who you can make your brand ambassador out of the bloggers you are working with. Since he is already a loyalist and thus would not mind promoting and endorsing your brand or product, it is time to include him in the marketing plan from the very beginning. You can provide him with some exclusive information, give him the first access to various press release and other company related news etc. These bloggers are representing the brand and thus need to be well aware of the vision and mission of the company.

Role of SEO team: As we discussed briefly above how the SEO team can play its role in the entire blogger marketing plan. The idea of including the SEO team in the process is to help get the best out of entire influencer marketing. Thus, influencers and SEO team needs to work in co-ordination. We need to make sure that no conversion or reach targets are set for such activities. It might affect the entire drive for SEO team will start pushing their own agenda to meet the deadlines.

By following these simple few steps you can run a successful blogger marketing campaign. This strategy is very easy on budgets and has a potential of yielding high amount of conversions if implemented properly by keeping the interest of consumers in mind. The main aim of content marketing should be to provide the consumers with the right education and not mislead them for personal gains.

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Please share your queries in the comment below. We’d love to hear from you about the results you got by executing this strategy. Do let us know the responses.