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Who is Saurabh Jindal?

He is a content marketing expert. Feedspot recognized his website in the top 10 meme websites of the world. He has also helped famous brands like Colgate, Flipkart, Horlicks, UC Web etc. in their journey of Influencer Marketing. He has spent ample amount of time studying and judging various genre of blogs and developed his skillset in writing multiple types of content. He is known for his unique content based solutions which helps a brand/individual get recognition as an industry expert in their journey.
saurabh jindal

My flagship services

From education to lifestyle to FMCG to online businesses, I have the right experience to take care of your brand

meme marketing

Meme Marketing

Those images that you laughed at and moved on, can drive you insane engagement

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

The key is to identify the right one for yourself. And I know the drill

blog marketing

blog marketing

It is important for a business to represent itself as the true industry leader

What My Customers say

Vineet Rajan

Saurabh is one of those rare professionals in the content marketing industry who has an understanding of how to put all the ideas to execution. In an industry riddled with self proclaimed social media experts and content marketing gurus, Saurabh is a refreshing change who has practical, relevant and workable content marketing strategies to suit any industry or organization.

Vineet Rajan (Co-Founder- Scout My Trip)

Saurabh helped with an influencer markeitng plan for one of my education client and we have been working together since then

Emma Velasquez

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Health & Lifestyle

One of the most searched content on internet. Get outstanding health/lifestyle articles by me.


Everybody needs motivational story at some point of time.


I can convert your story into a nice rhyme/poetry/ballad.


The only thing that goes viral on internet is memes. And I can create those little savage image for you.

Business Writings

I have helped companies build their unique style sheets. I can do it for you too.


Writing sarcastic and humor stories is my forté. Nah, I am just messing with you, this part is only for fun.

My Blog

Check out my personal recommendations, my studies, hacks and various other interesting stuff in this section.


If you are looking for some modern humor in your life, my desi page revolving around memes will give you a full dose on that.

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